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The supervisor is, as a rule, an ETH professor (Full professor/ Associate professor/ Assistant professor/ SNF professor). Furthermore, senior lecturers and honorary professors working at ETH Zurich can also supervise doctoral theses. This must, however, be approved by the department.

For every doctoral thesis there has to be appointed at least one co-supervisor whereas even further co-supervisors and tutors can be consulted.
If professors accept doctoral candidates less than three years before their retirement, some points must be guaranteed, set out in writing and brought to the Prorector’s knowledge in arrangement with the department according to the regulation of doctoral studies.

Supervisors are confirmed after their retirement or leaving as supervisors in doctoral exams up to a year. The department is responsible for the approval of the function. It has to be guaranteed, that at least one professor of ETH Zurich will be consulted as co-supervisor.

All D-MAVT professors und accredited and associated professors as well as are in principle available for the supervision of doctoral studies.

When required the supervisor determines in addition one or several tutors of the doctoral candidate. This can be at the same time with the approval of the research plan and must happen not later than two years after the provisional admission. The doctoral committee can determine further experts during doctoral procedure.

Basically, there are no restrictions on who may be co-supervisor. However, it should be noted that at least one supervisor resp. one co-supervisor has to be a professor of ETH Zurich.

Co-supervisors who are not ETH professors within the meaning of Article 1 of the decree on the faculty council must be authorized by the professors’ conference at the request of the supervisor. They have to be communicated to the Rector. At D-MAVT it is the responsibility of the supervisor to apply personally for the approval of extraordinary and / or external co-supervisors in time. A brief written notice to the D-MAVT Student Administration with details of the name, position and the address of the co-supervisor and an explanation for the choice is sufficient; the application will be included in the approval list of the next PK.

The co-supervisors should be determined at least one year before the completion of the the-sis.


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