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Executive Board

The Executive Board is leading voice of the Department. It consists of the Head of Department, his Deputy and the Director of studies. They manage the day-to-day business of the department and present decisions to the Departmental Conference for approval The Head of Department, who is one of the professors, represents the Department in the internal and external affairs of the University. The Deputy Head of Department is the Chairman of the doctoral examinations. The Director of Studies is responsible among other things for study programs and exam regulations and heads the grading conferences.



Professors, who are working and teaching at the Department.


Affiliated and Associated Professors

Affiliated and associated professors belong to other departments. Their research and lectures are closely connected to D-MAVT. Affiliated professors may vote on educationally relevant topics in the Department and at the Professorial Conferences. They may also be chosen as tutors. Associated professors are at a preliminary stage to affiliation and cannot vote.

Adjunct Professors

The nomination for the title of Adjunct Professor is an award and result of excellent work in research and education or - exceptionally - in  research or education for a period of normally several years.


Professor Emeritus

Retired professors have researched and taught at D-MAVT, but have retired due to their age. Up to a year after their retirement they may still supervise doctoral students.


Departement Coordination/Student Administration

The Department Coordinator manages finances, rooms and people on behalf of the Executive Board, organizes all marketing activities, guarantees the legal framework and supports the Head of Department.

The Student Administration is responsible for the concerns of the Director of Studies and is the contact point for all students and the Rectorate.



Teaching staff, technical and administrative staff, assistants and students all send delegates to the Departmental Conference.


Industrial Advisory Board

Members of the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) aim to support exchanges between the Department and industry, ETH management, the ETH-Board and the public and to strengthen the nationally and internationally leading position of the Department in research and education.



The D-MAVT informatic Support Group (ISG) helps both the professors and the administration within the Department.


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