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Park, Hyung Gyu, Prof. Dr.

Hyung Gyu Park

ETH Zürich
Prof. Dr. Hyung Gyu Park
Dep. Maschinenbau und Verf.technik
CLA F 19.1
Tannenstrasse 3
8092 Zuerich

Phone: +41 44 632 94 60

Nanoscience for Energy Technology and Sustainability (Institute of Energy Technology)


Hyung Gyu Park joined ETH Zurich in April, 2009, as an Assistant Professor of Energy Technology in the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering.
He was born in 1973 in Seoul, Korea. After an earlier preparation of science in Seoul Science High School, he entered Seoul National University in 1992 and received B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 1998 and 2000, respectively, including 2 years of military service. His M.S. thesis was about the numerical treatment of axisymmetric flows in Cartesian coordinate system, motivated by Hemodynamics simulation of an artery. After working another year in SNU Institute of Advanced Machinery and Design, he went to University of California Berkeley, U.S., and worked on two research topics under the financial support from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: (1) microfluidic fuel processor for a micro fuel cell system and (2) mass transport in carbon nanotubes (CNT). His research on mass transport in carbon nanotubes received an academic spotlight in the form of a cover article of Science in May 2006. Since then, the article has been one of the most frequently cited chemistry articles in the journal. Upon receiving his Ph.D. in 2007, he joined LLNL as a postdoctoral research staff member and carried out research projects in the fields of CNT nanofluidics and surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy, etc.
Dr. Park's research program in ETH Zurich will focus on fundamental nanoscience toward energy technology applications. The program will utilize a variety of CNT-nanofluidic platforms and other nanostructures to study basic properties of transport under extreme confinement commensurable with transporting molecules’ own sizes. Decorated with functional materials, those platforms could find a wide range of applications from solar energy harvesting and fuel cells to highly sensitive, nondestructive sensors. Those new findings of energy technology have a potential for addressing our future sustainability.


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