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Application / Appointment  

The application for doctoral studies and the appointment are two separate processes which run concurrently. The following links give information about these:

Admissions procedure

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Thesis supervisor

In order to carry out doctoral studies at ETH Zurich, a professor at ETH Zurich must be willing to supervise a doctoral thesis.

A thesis supervisor at D-MAVT must be a MAVT-professor,an accredited professor at D-MAVT or a titular professor D-MAVT.

Once invited for an interview

Once a professor invites you for an interview or you have found a professor offering you a position as a doctoral student, you can contact us. We will put you in touch with other students studying for a doctoral degree at ETH Zurich (and who may even be in your future group). They can answer your questions about the working environment, studying at ETH, and living in Zurich. In this way, you can get a taste of life as a researcher here before you arrive!

We are a team of scientific staff in the MAVT department (AV@MAVT) who offer this service to newcomers to ensure their transition to Zurich is smooth and easy. It is neither legally binding nor obligatory. In your email, please state which group (name of the professor) you are applying to.

AV@MAVT Help Desk

Due to the large number of applications to ETH Zurich and our limited capacity, please contact us only if you have an invitation for an interview or have been offered a position. We do not provide information or assistance during the application process itself.


Admission for doctoral studies is granted on an individual basis. The Rectorate will recommend admission, with or without qualifying examinations, according to the candidate’s scientific qualifications. The doctoral committee then decides on the individual nature of the qualifying examinations based on the suggestions of the supervisor and in line with the D-MAVT Complementary Regulations on Doctoral Affairs.

Final admission

Advancement to full candidacy for doctoral studies is granted when the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • The research plan has been approved.
  • The additional requirements specified during the admission procedure have been met.
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