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The Head of Department and the Delegate of Doctoral Affairs are available and can be contacted (confidentially if necessary) if you need advice or assistance related to any aspects of your doctoral studies.

If you need advice from other doctoral students or postdocs regarding a situation in your research group, if you are facing serious difficulties in your research project, or if you have any other problems, it may also be helpful to contact the AV@MAVT Help Desk. Two doctoral students (one female and one male) operate the AV@MAVT Help Desk and will treat your questions confidentially and try to help you find the optimal solution.

AV@MAVT Help Desk

More generally, ETH offers a number of advice centers – that can provide help with (almost) any situation that may arise during your studies. See here.

See also Art. 17: Disagreements in the Ordinance on Doctoral Studies at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (Ordinance on Doctoral Studies ETH Zurich).

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