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Doctoral students at D-MAVT must acquire at least 12 credit points during their doctoral studies. One credit corresponds to an average student workload of 25 to 30 hours. At least a third of the credit points must be acquired outside the field of research.

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Recognized achievements

Credit points in the ETH Zurich course catalogue

The D-MAVT decides on the accreditation of achievement in the tuition program according to the detailed provisions for individual doctoral studies:

Instruction / learning units with an examination: Students who are successful in the examination acquire credit points as indicated in the course catalogue. The examination requirements, registration and de-registration, and the grading follow ETH Zurich guidelines.

Individual achievement without an examination: ETH Zurich lecturers may stipulate particular activities (participation in tests, independent work, tasks, etc.) to be carried out by D-MAVT doctoral students in order to acquire credit points without an official examination. The lecturers will detail the conditions for these individual achievements (form, type and time plan) on request. In this particular case, students must sign up for the lecture in myStudies, but not for the examination.

Didactic Certificate

Credit points acquired during the Didactic Certificate may be recognized for doctoral studies if permitted by the supervisor.

Credit points for courses and activities outside of ETH Zurich

The supervisor decides on the attribution of credit points for courses and activities attended outside of ETH Zurich. An input of 25 to 30 working hours is required for each credit point.

Proof of achievement


Students can see the credit points related to the examinations passed under the “Transcript of records” in myStudies.

Individual achievement without an examination (confirmation)

Students will see credit points acquired without examinations under the “Student overview” in myStudies. The lecturers confirm the individual achievement with "received". The maximum number of credit points for individual achievement (V+U+G, etc.) is defined under the "Hours" in myStudies.

External credit points

For accrediting activities outside of ETH Zurich, the original of the proof of achievement and permission from the supervisor must be submitted with the form "Confirmation of course attendance". External activities are not recorded in myStudies.

Proof of academic achievement

The D-MAVT Doctoral administration will confirm that the required credit points have been attained once the completed Registration for doctoral examination form has been handed in.

Credit points are displayed in the performance overview of myStudies, the student overview of myStudies and in the form "Credit confirmation".

Selection of courses from the course catalogue

In general, all courses in the course catalogue can be chosen by doctoral students if no restrictions are indicated. In order to perform a broad search for individual topics, it is highly recommended to read the search tips on the help page of the course catalogue (search results depend on the language chosen for the user interface, for example).

Choosing the level “Doctorate” and the department “Mechanical and Process Engineering” leads to a list of courses that may be of general interest for Doctoral students at D-MAVT. The list has been compiled in collaboration with AV@MAVT, the Association of Scientific Staff at D-MAVT, and may serve as a jump start into your course catalogue review. A few specific comments:

  • The list contains some Master level courses offered at D-MTEC, which can be followed without specific prerequisites.
  • The course offer of D-GESS is not included in the above-mentioned list because of yearly changes in the course details. Check the offer of D-GESS, for example, for courses on patents.
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