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Doctoral Exam



Examination Committee

The Examination Committee is chaired by the Deputy Head of Department (Delegate of Doctoral Affairs D-MAVT) or former members of the Executive Board and consists of at least three independent competent people (Headman, supervisor, co-supervisor; another ETH professor of approved co-supervisor, provided a relationship exists between supervisor and the co-supervisors.)


core examination committee

The core examination committee (the chairperson, the superviser and at least one co-examiner) must be present. Further members of the examination committee can be connected over videoconference.


Application for the doctoral exam at the doctoral administration (D-MAVT)

Arrange a date for your thesis defense with your supervisor, co-supervisors and the D-MAVT Student Administration. In general, you can request appointments for the next 3-4 months (During the semester preferred on Tuesday afternoon; Outside the semester on Wednesdays). For a D-MAVT doctoral exam, you need to register with the Doctoral Administration of the Rectorate 21 days (3 weeks) before the date of exam proposed. Please bring all the documents needed for your application for doctoral exam to D-MAVT Student administration.

Application for the doctoral exam at the doctoral administration (Rectorate)

See here



The language of the doctoral examination can be English or after informing the chairman in German.



The supervisor and each co-supervisor prepare a written report on the doctoral thesis and forward it to the department before the examination. At D-MAVT the referees are stored in a protected website, which is only accessible to MAVT-professors.


Invitation for doctoral exam

An invitation to the doctoral examination is sent to D-MAVT employees at least 10 days before the examination indicating the time, place, subject of the thesis, supervisor and co-referees.


Duration and time

At D-MAVT doctoral examinations are public and can last up to 90 minutes. Room and time of the exam are published. The candidate's presentation should have duration of around 30-40 minutes, with the remaining time used for questions by the professors and guests especially invited by the Delegate of Doctoral Affairs.


Assessment and Doctoral degree

The Examination Committee assesses both the doctoral thesis and the oral examination as passed or failed and informs the Professors Conference as appropriate. The Professors Conference approves/disapproves the list of the doctoral candidates for the award of the doctoral degree to the study conference.


Blumer Funds

Fill in the Blumer Funds application form and send it and the invoice in to D-MAVT, Finances, LEE K 203, Leonhardstrasse 21, 8092 Z├╝rich. The interest of this fund is distributed among the applicants. Since the amount of interest and the number of students applying varies from year to year, we cannot tell you before what sum of money you will receive. The Rectorate usually makes payments in February.


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