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General Information

D-MAVT supports and recommends a semester abroad, and strongly encourages students to consider an exchange period, starting from the 6th semester at bachelor level. It is expected that the students follow courses or complete projects representing the same work load they would accomplish at ETH (30 ECTS/semester). According to the ETH regulations, however, at least two-thirds of the credit points towards a master's degree must be obtained at ETH. If the number of openings available in the exchange programs is limited, D-MAVT will undertake a pre-selection to nominate students for a special exchange program. The final decision is made at ETH Student Exchange Office and has to be approved by the host university.

Students interested in mobility should choose a mobility program and university on the basis of the information offered by the ETH Student Exchange Office, prepare the application form and meet the deadlines. D-MAVT will support them with advice regarding the choice of university and the preparation of their mobility curriculum. Bachelor’s students are usually strongly recommended to spend the 6th semester abroad (bachelor’s thesis or focus courses) and master’s students are advised to discuss the courses with their tutor.

Mobility students remain enrolled at ETH during the mobility semester and continue to pay tuition fees if they are registered for a mobility program provided by ETH. Students organizing their mobility independently can also enrol for a leave of absence semester (please ask for information at the Student Administration MAVT).

Travel costs (around 2/3 of the travel costs) can be supported by the ETH. The request has to be prepared according to the guidelines of the Stipendiendienst (see link) and approved by the Director of Studies (form has to be presented at the Student Administration MAVT)

Study plan and recognition of courses abroad

The study plan should provide for the same work load as one semester at ETH and every course has to be approved by the responsible professor (focus, GESS, thesis supervisor, tutor). The student should discuss the basis of the courses offered by the host university (hours, contents, etc) with their tutor in order to assess in which categories the courses undertaken abroad will be recognized.

The study plan approved during the preparation phase should be revised before leaving ETH and if there is a need to change some courses, the same procedure has to be applied (information and approval from the responsible tutor and from Student Administration). It is strongly recommended to obtain approval before or during the semester, in order to avoid the risk of courses not being recognized within the D-MAVT curriculum

The study plan must always include the number of credit points to be granted to the student by D-MAVT, once he/she has successfully completed the respective courses at the host university. The accreditation of the courses completed (credit points and grades according to the ETH grade scale and credit system) lies entirely with D-MAVT and is based on:

The courses will be included in the category approved during the application period, in collaboration with the focus coordinator/tutor.

For questions relating to formal procedures, mobility scholarships, deadlines, enrolment status, etc. students should contact the ETH Student Exchange Office.

Bachelor Students

The recommendation to go abroad from the 6th semester onward is based on the structure of the bachelor’s curriculum and D-MAVT experience. The Departmental Conference has decided on the following guidelines for bachelor’s students interested in mobility:

Master Students

Outgoing master's students must have completed the bachelor's program prior to departure.

Mobility during the master's program is only possible with the approval of the master's tutor. The tutor defines the complete program to be carried out at the host university, and he decides on the category in which the courses will be included in the student's record after successful completion at the host university (see Tutor/Student Agreement). The Student can choose if he is going abroad to attend courses (core courses or multidisciplinary courses) or to perform a project (semester project or master’s thesis).

Outgoing students wishing to enroll for compulsory electives of the Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences (D-GESS) should contact Prof. Dr. Harald Fischer-Tiné before doing so, and be prepared to provide the following information:host university, course and its content, hours per semester week, type of performance assessment. The applicants will receive an answer directly from Prof. Fischer-Tiné, as to whether or not the course/courses is/are accepted.

For the master’s thesis, in agreement with the tutor, the student could also decide to organize the exchange semester independently and at a university with which there is no special agreement.


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