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Practical industrial experience is a compulsory component of many of our Master's Programs. This twelve week internship aims to familiarise prospective engineers with the industrial workplace.

On this page, we have assenbled all infomation on the industrial internship that might be useful for companies.

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Master's Programs

Practical industrial experience is compulsory in the following Master's Programs:

  • MSc ETH in Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc ETH in Process Engineering
  • MSc ETH in Robotics, Systems and Control
  • MSc ETH in Micro and Nanosystems
  • MSc ETH in Nuclear Engineering

Content of the Industrial Internship

The students should apply their knowledge and competence (e.g. CAD, mechanical, construction and electrical engineering, costing analysis) in a working environment, and familiarise themselves with the scope and limits of various techniques.

 Here are some examples of the training content:

  • Product design
  • Planning
  • Internal research and development
  • Machine and plant engineering
  • Pre, post, and running calculation
  • Technical computations
  • Construction - mechanical, electrical, mechatronic
  • Organization and operational data processing
  • Industrial safety, including the safety of machines and mechanisms
  • Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing planning
  • Ecological investigation of products and procedures
  • Production (only novel production procedures)

Marketing and sales training will not be accredited (Exception: Specialised machines and equipment).

Training company

Generally, the training company is a machine or an electrical industry, either in Switzerland or abroad. Students select the training company themselves, but may involve their tutor in their choice. The Industrial Internship may be undertaken in the same company as the Workshop Training.

Requirements for a company offering an internship

The company should accompany and support the student in his working day. It should allow him the opportunity to learn the required technical competencies. The tasks allocated to the student must lie within the machine and electrical industry, and be of a practical and problem-solving nature. At the end of the training period, the company should issue a confirmation, detailing the various skills the student has learnt.

During the internship, the student must follow the company regulations and particular rules for intern students. In the event of unsatisfactory performance, and following a previous warning, the company may dismiss the student and end the internship.

Duration, time

The Industrial Internship is at least twelve weeks long and should be continuous (regulations allow only one break).

We recommend that students complete the Industrial Internship before beginning the Master's Program. According to the profile, however, it may be carried out at any time up until starting on the Master's Thesis, or applying for the Master diploma.

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