Mesh Mould Project Team receives Concrete Innovation Award 2017


The Mesh Mould project team was awarded the Concrete Innovation Award 2017. The team is part of the NCCR Digital Fabrication and is supported, among others, by the Agile and Dexterous Robotics Lab at the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

CIC-2017-Award Mesh Mould
Timothy Wangler (l.) and Norman Hack (2.l.) and other awardees

After the Swiss Technology Award 2016 the Mesh Mould project team also received the Concrete Innovation Award at the Second Concrete Innovation Conference (CIC) in Tromsø, Norway. The team was awarded in the category “Buildability – Efficient Construction Techniques” for their presentation “Mesh Mould – an On-site, Robotically Fabricated Functional Formwork”. NCCR researchers Norman Hack and Timothy Wangler accepted the prize on behalf of the whole project team.

The Conference addressed the future needs of the concrete industry and society at large, such as energy saving, the reduction of CO2-emissions, or material efficiency in construction. The Concrete Innovation Competition challenged participants to present novel solutions that demonstrate how the concrete industry can contribute to future challenges of society.

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