World record electric racing car at Geneva Motor Show


The world’s fastest-accelerating electric car, "grimsel", will be on display until 19 March at the Geneva Motor Show. It was built in a joint effort by bachelor students from the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering and the Academic Motorsports Association Zurich during a focus project.

Federal Councilor Johann Schneider-Ammann visitis "grimsel"

On the first day of the exhibition in Geneva the car already received distinguished visitors. Federal Councilor Johann Schneider-Ammann stopped by at the booth of the Swiss Automobile Industry Association (booth 2141), which also features "grimsel". Until Sunday two people from the current focus project as well as from former project teams will be present at the exhibition.

In the current Formula Student Electric focus project, an electric racing car called "pilatus" will be developed in cooperation with the Academic Motorsports Association Zurich. This car will be presented on 30 May 2017 at the Focus Roll-out in the main hall of ETH Zurich.

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