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In the fifth and sixth semester of the Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, students work on furthering their knowledge in a particular field: the Focus. At the ‘Focus Roll-out’, the students then present the project they have worked on over the year.

At the start of their projects, students are faced with a complex developmental assignment, for which there is no sample solution. At the end of the year, they must present the product to the public at the ‘Focus Roll-out’. In the meantime, students have to find their place in the team, set common goals, and build up project management. Within this project organisation, students independently design their ‘product’ through the various phases of conception, calculation, construction and marketing. Just as in the professional world, students are continually confronted with new problems for which they must find innovative solutions, in order to ultimately create a successfully functioning prototype.  

The project themes may be put forward by students and professors, and in conjunction with industry and economy. In their projects, Bachelor students, under the supervision of their professor, apply the theoretical knowledge acquired during the first four semesters in teamwork and open assignments. 


Projects 2016/2017

Development of a technology including navigation method, so that electric cars can drive autonomously.

Construction of a landing gear which will allow helicopters to land safely in steep and uneven terrain.

Formula Student Electric
Construction of the electric racing car "pilatus".

An Airborne Wind Energy system which combines a lightweight autonomous aircraft with an intelligent control system.

An innovative seating concept encompassing a lightweight construction, which can serve as seat and suitcase.

Engineering of a medical device for fully automated skin production.

SUNCAR iRoadster
Construction of an electrically driven research vehicle to explore different driving dynamics and alternative steering concepts.

Development of a drone with six rotors (Hexacopter) allowing the drone to rotate in any direction.

Development of an additive manufacturing process (3D printing) for fiber-reinforced plastics to create structures that were not yet realizable.

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