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Breath test for diabetics

Andreas Guentner and Professor Sotiris Pratsinis discussed their portable breath analyzers in a radio show broadcasted on Deutschlandfunk. Read more 


World`s first plant to capture CO2 from air

Climeworks makes headlines with the opening of the world's first commercial plant for capturing carbon dioxide directly from the air. The company is a spin-off from the lab of Aldo Steinfeld, Professor for Renewable Energy Carriers at D-MAVT. The gas is being used to help grow vegetables in a greenhouse. Read more 


Steinfeld`s research on the front cover of top energy journal

Aldo Steinfeld, Professor at ETH Zurich and Chair of Renewable Energy Carriers, and his research group published a paper on solar fuels which has made the front cover of “Energy & Environmental Science”. Read more 


Breakthrough for 4D printing

ETH Professor Kristina Shea and her group from the Engineering, Design and Computing Lab have taken 4D printing a decisive step further. Various media report about this. Read more 


The perfect artificial heart

“Zurich Heart” is a multidisciplinary and inter-institutional project. Various media write about Edoardo Mazza`s research, ETH Professor at the Institute for Mechanical Systems, on biomedical textiles for the artificial heart. And, at the Institute for Product Development (pdz) of ETH Zurich Seraina Dual and Marianne Schmid are developing a new sensor technology for the heart pump, reports “Tagesanzeiger”. Read more 


Game of Drones

Switzerland is one of the leading countries in the development of drones. The «Migros Magazine» presents professional drone designers and users – among them Margarita Chli, Head of the Vision for Robotics Lab at ETH Zurich. Read more 


Tiny breath sensors

Respiratory gas analysis is becoming increasingly important for the diagnosis of diseases. Sotiris Pratsinis, Head of the Particle Technology Laboratory, and Andreas Güntner are researching sensors based on nanoparticles as part of the “Zurich Exhalomics” project. A report in the newsletter of Hochschulmedizin Zürich. Read more 


A battery that cools and powers computer chips

Various publications report about the new type of redox flow battery developed by the group of Dimos Poulikakos, Professor of Thermodynamics at D-MAVT, and IBM Research Zurich. Read more 


Of robots and people

Robots to protect and serve you? "Die Weltwoche" and "SRF" in conversation with Roland Siegwart, Professor of Autonomous Systems at D-MAVT. Read more 


Robotics in Zurich

ETH Zurich is crucial for the city`s robotics cluster. Roland Siegwart, Professor for Autonomous Systems, and other experts report on current projects and the future of robotics. An article in the "NZZ". Read more 


Brain food from the WEF

Kristina Shea, Professor for Engineering Design and Computing, and Margarita Chli, Head of the Vision for Robotics Lab, presented insights into the potential of 4D printing and robotic vision at the Ideas Lab at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos. Watch their 5-minute pitches which have just been released online on video. Read more 


Knowledge about 4D printing is highly sought after

With 4D printing, objects from the 3D printer change their shape over time and reconfigure themselves in response to the environment. Kristina Shea, Professor of Engineering, Design and Computing, and her group are researching 4D printing techniques. An SRF 2 "Science Magazine" report. Read more 


Foreign objects wrapped in foil

Heart pacemakers or breast implants are often encapsulated in a thick layer of fibrotic tissue. Hylomorph, a spin-off of the Laboratory of Thermodynamics in Emerging Technologies (LTNT), has developed a cellulose film that reduces the formation of fibrosis. An article in the "Tages-Anzeiger". Read more 


Robot skin senses objects like a snake

Dr. Raffaele Di Giacomo from the Institute of Mechanical Systems (IMES) has developed a robot skin that senses when humans are in close proximity. In the future humanoid robots could use this sensory feedback to learn about their environment. Several publications report about these research results. Read more 


Zurich tests battery bus

Numerous media report on recent test runs of the high-performance trolley bus, which can drive longer distances in battery mode. Prof. Christopher Onder was involved in the development. Read more 


A tool for Nepal

Young scientists from the pd|z are developing a process to produce oil from hard shell walnuts to improve working and life conditions of  Nepalese farmers. The project is being developed in cooperation with Helvetas. A report on “SRF aktuell”. Read more 


Elasticity increases water resistance

Various publications cite Prof. Dimos Poulikakos’ newest research regarding the water resistance of flexible surfaces. Read more 


SRF Puls Show

Andreas Güntner, doctoral student at Prof. Sotiris Pratsinis, highlighted in the SRF Show Puls the use of flame-made and portable gas sensors for monitoring trace organic vapors in the human breath. This new technology could in the future be used for medical diagnostics and disease monitoring. Read more 


New technologies will make our lives easier

Prof. Margarita Chli is an assistant professor in the field of Computer Vision for Robotics at ETH Zurich. In an interview she reveals what she finds fascinating about her profession and shares her vision of the technology of the future. An article in the "Tages-Anzeiger" (Mediaplanet). Read more 


The king of drones

Raffaello D'Andrea is professor of dynamic systems and control at the ETH Zurich - and embodies in many ways what research in Switzerland stands for. An article in "Finanz und Wirtschaft". Read more 

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