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The eyes have it

Patients with age-related retinal disease need regular injections in the eye. At the moment, these must be given by specially trained medical doctors, but a robot may well handle this task in the near future. Read more 


Summer Camp «Mission Rosetta»

Supported by the Department of Mechanical Engineering from ETH Zurich and other partners, “MINT & Pepper” offers children and adolescents the opportunity to gain insight into mathematics, science and technology. Read more 


From ETH to MIT

Wim van Rees, a former doctoral student with Petros Koumoutsakos, Chair for Computational Science at D-MAVT, has been appointed Assistant Professor at Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His research focuses on fluid mechanics, flow-structure interaction and fish hydrodynamics.


Studienwoche 2017

During the event "ETH Studienwoche 2017”, 30 high school students had the opportunity to meet students and scientists from the three engineering departments Computer Science (D-INFK), Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (D-ITET)as well as Mechanical Engineering (D-MAVT) and to gain a first impression of their work. Read more 


Awards for robot experts

Researchers from the Autonomous Systems Lab (ASL) at ETH Zurich received several awards for their work at the 2017 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) from 29 May to 3 June 2017 in Singapore. Read more 


ETEL Award 2017

Carmelo Sferrazza was awarded the ETEL Award 2017 for his Master`s thesis on "Parametrized Model Predictive Control on the Flying Platform: Trajectory Tracking and Full Constraint Satisfaction". Read more 


Willi Studer Prize 2017

In 2017, the following D-MAVT students were awarded the Willi Studer Prize as top Master’s degree students: Jan Carius, Jan Okle, Daniel Zimmermann Read more 


Award ETH Medal 2017

In 2017, the following D-MAVT Master students were awarded the ETH Medal: Marianne Aellen, Pablo Hernandez Becerro, Cédric de Crousaz, Sebastian Curi,  Robert Epp, Antonio Loquercio, Stefano Meneghello, Alessandro Secondi Read more 


Students showcase their practical skills

In the focus projects, teams of mechanical engineering students can put their theoretical knowledge into practice and develop new technological solutions independently over the course of two semesters. ETH News caught up with two teams that are developing an innovative wind power plant and an incubator for skin cells. Read more 


Mark Tibbitt will head the Macromolecular Engineering Lab

Mark Tibbitt was appointed Assistant Professor of Macromolecular Engineering in the Institute of Process Engineering within the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering. He will start on 1 June 2017. Read more 


Fabrication technology in the fourth dimension

Scientists use the term 4D printing to refer to the simple production of objects that can transform their shape at different times. Researchers at ETH Zurich have now taken this approach one major step further by developing a construction principle that can produce load-bearing and predictable structures. Read more 


SGVC Prize 2017

Philipp Roos, doctoral student in the lab of Aldo Steinfeld, ETH Professor for Renewable Energy Carriers, has been awarded the SGVC Prize 2017 by the Schweizerische Gesellschaft der Verfahrens- und ChemieingenieurInnen for his Master's Thesis entitled: “Design, fabrication, and testing of large scale ceria RPC structures for a cavity-based 50 kW solar reactor ”. Read more 


Publication of Annual and Sustainability Reports

The ETH Zurich 2016 Annual Report provides an overview of the most important achievements, developments and events at the University over the past year, and is published alongside the 2015/2016 Sustainability Report. Read more 


The multitasker

Developing new things together and effecting change – that's what gets Moritz Mussgnug out of bed in the morning. The mechanical engineer manages to juggle his doctoral thesis with a startup and a project to optimise the production of walnut oil for people in Nepal. Read more 


Distinguished Lecture at D-MAVT

Prof. Linda J. Broadbelt from Northwestern University has been a guest at the Distinguished Lecture Series with the topic of Reaction Pathway Analysis of the (bio) conversion of (bio) macromolecules. Read more 


Aldo Steinfeld is Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Distinguished Scientist 2017

Aldo Steinfeld, Chair of Renewable Energy Carriers at ETH Zurich, received the “Chinese Academy of Sciences - President's International Fellowship for Distinguished Scientists”. The prestigious award includes a lecture-tour in China. Read more 


Platelets instead of quantum dots

A team of researchers led by ETH Zurich professor David Norris has developed a model to clarify the general mechanism of nanoplatelet formation. Using pyrite, they also managed to confirm their theory. Read more 


Getting to know technology with dancing robots

"Build a dancing robot" was the motto on April 2 on the Hönggerberg campus. The workshop was part of Treffpunkt Science City. Read more 



Lucas Zeugin was awarded the SEW-EURODRIVE Foundation's 2017 Ernst-Blickle Student Prize for his Master's thesis in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Currently Zeugin is continuing his scientific career as doctoral student at the Institute of Energy Technology. Read more 


Consistently among the best

ETH researchers have received eight of the coveted Advanced Grants in the European Research Council's (ERC) latest call for proposals. For several scientists, this is their second such grant. ETH Zurich has been consistently ranked among the most successful institutions since the programme was launched ten years ago. Read more 

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