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April 27, 2015, HG F 30


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With the help of robots, archaeologists may soon be able to compare their findings with data from thousands of experimental reference samples, enabling them to determine tool use in the Stone Age. ETH scientists have developed a robotic system and presented it at the industry fair in Hanover.

ETH-News Article | Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems | Agile and Dexterous Robotics Lab | Prof. Jonas Buchli


Dr Jie Chen, postdoc in Prof. Petros Koumoutsakos' lab, has been elected Assistant Professor at Tongji University in Shanghai, China as of June 1, 2015. He is part of the 1000 plan by China to recruit faculty, from around the world. Each year 1000 such professors are elected in all fields of science.

Computational Science & Engineering Laboratory | Prof. Petros Koumoutsakos


Prof. Petros Koumoutsakos, has been elected as the new chairman of the Scientific Steering Committee of PRACE. PRACE is Research Infrastructure that offers access to the High Performance Computing centers in Europe.

Computational Science & Engineering Laboratory | Prof. Petros Koumoutsakos


The Swiss competence center “Efficient Mobility” is investigating means to achieve a sustainable mobility in the future. A successful transformation can only be assured when traffic systems are viewed in their entirety. 

ETH-News Article (German)| Institute of Energy Technology | Aerothermochemistry and Combustion Systems Laboratory | Prof. Konstantinos Boulouchos


Prof. Petros Koumoutsakos has been elected Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM). Fellowship honors SIAM members who have made outstanding contributions to the fields served by their organization.  Prof. Petros Koumoutsakos is among a distinguished group of members nominated by his peers and selected for the 2015 Class of Fellows.

Computational Science & Engineering Laboratory | Prof. Petros Koumoutsakos


Scientists from ETH Zurich have developed a thermometer that is at least 100 times more sensitive than previous temperature sensors. It consists of a bio-synthetic hybrid material of tobacco cells and nanotubes.

ETH-News ArticleInstitute of Mechanical Systems | Chair of Mechanics and Materials | Prof. Chiara Daraio


A founder of nanomedicine, Mauro Ferrari from Houston Methodist Hospital, receives this year's Aurel Stodola Medal. He will hold the Aurel Stodola Lecture on April 1.

ETH-News Article | Aurel Stodola Lecture


The Robotics Industry Association presents ETH Professor Raffaello D'Andrea along with entrepreneur Dean Kamen one of the robotics industry's most prestigious honours – the 2015 Engelberger Award for Technology. What are the secrets behind his success?

ETH-News Article | Robotics onlineInstitute for Dynamic Systems and Control | Prof. Raffaello D'Andrea


ERC grantee Dr. Salvador Pané i Vidal, Senior Researcher in Prof. Bradley Nelsons team, leads COST Action e-MINDS, bringing together experts in nanorobotics and materials science. He looks at the role e-MINDS plays in managing his own research.

More | Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems | Multi-Scale Robotics Lab | Prof. Bradley Nelson | Dr. Salvador Pané i Vidal


Digital technologies have already turned many areas of the economy inside out. Construction is the next sector set to undergo a change: more efficient processes, new materials and more varied houses are the objective.

ETH-News Article | Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems | Agile and Dexterous Robotics Lab | Prof. Jonas Buchli


Digital Fabrication – Drones can actively support building the cities of tomorrow. Various media sources are reporting on the different technical possibilities. 

Dezeen: Building | Dezeen: Weave structures | GizmagInstitute for Dynamic Systems and Control | Prof. Raffaello D'Andrea


Maximilian Fischer, doctoral student in Prof. Norris‘ group, was awarded the Ernst-Blickle-Studienpreis 2014 from the SEW-EURODRIVE-Foundation. He received the award for his outstanding Master Thesis “Carbon Nanosheets as Active Electrocatalysts in solid Acid Fuel Cell Electrodes”.

Institute of Process Engineering | Optical Materials Engineering Laboratory | Prof. David Norris | Maximilian Fischer


The robot fish Sepios, a Focus-Project from 2014, had its first trial at sea. This initial underwater test was captured on video.

Reuters | Euronews


Vartan Kurtcuoglu crosses the border between medicine and mechanical engineering: at the University of Zurich, the ETH Zurich graduate develops medical computer models for the heart and kidneys. Anyone who studies under him soon learns what to be aware of in interdisciplinary projects.

ETH-News Article | Institute of Energy Technology | Laboratory of Thermodynamics in Emerging Technologies | Prof. Dimos Poulikakos


Yesterday evening, third to sixth class students of the primary school in Rickenbach SZ performed a play with robots. The Butler robot Igor, developed in Prof. Siegwart’s Autonomous Systems Lab, had a central role in the piece which was written by the students.

Article (German)| Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems | Autonomous Systems Lab | Prof. Roland Siegwart


Last week's accidental crash landing of a drone at the White House heightened the international debate on the regulation of commercial drones. A conference at ETH Zurich addressed the fact that drone technology comes with controversial applications.

ETH-News ArticleInstitute for Dynamic Systems and Control | Prof. Raffaello D'Andrea


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