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Professors Institute or Lab 
Abhari, Reza S., Prof. Dr. Laboratory for Energy Conversion
Boulouchos, Konstantinos, Prof. Dr. Aerothermochemistry and Combustion Systems Laboratory
Buchli, Jonas, Prof. Dr. Agile and Dexterous Robotics Lab
Chli, Margarita, Prof. Dr.
Vision for Robotics Lab
D'Andrea, Raffaello, Prof. Dr. Dynamic Systems and Control
Dual, Jürg, Prof. Dr. Mechanics and Experimental Dynamics
Ermanni, Paolo, Prof. Dr. Laboratory of Composite Materials and Adaptive Structures
Frazzoli, Emilio, Prof. Dr.
Dynamic Systems and Control
Guzzella, Lino, Prof. Dr. Thermotronics Laboratory
Haller, George, Prof. Dr. Chair in Nonlinear Dynamics
Hierold, Christofer, Prof. Dr. Chair of Micro and Nanosystems
Hora, Pavel, Prof. Dr. Institute of Virtual Manufacturing
Hutter, Marco, Prof. Dr. Robotic Systems Lab
Jenny, Patrick, Prof. Dr. Institute of Fluid Dynamics
Karlin, Ilya, Prof. Dr. Aerothermochemistry and Combustion Systems Laboratory
Koumoutsakos, Petros, Prof. Dr. Computational Science and Engineering Laboratory
Kunz, Andreas, Prof. Dr.
Innovation Center Virtual Reality
Mazza, Edoardo, Prof. Dr. Experimental Continuum Mechanics
Mazzotti, Marco, Prof. Dr. Separation Processes Laboratory
Meboldt, Mirko, Prof. Dr. pd|z Product Development Group Zurich
Mohr, Dirk. Prof. Dr.
Computational Modelling of Materials in Manufacturing
Müller, Christoph, Prof. Dr. Laboratory of Energy Science and Engineering
Nelson, Bradley, Prof. Dr. Multi-Scale Robotics Lab
Noiray, Nicolas, Prof. Dr. Laboratory of Combustion and Acoustics for Power Systems
Norris, David J., Prof. Dr. Optical Materials Engineering Laboratory
Onder, Christopher, Prof. Dr.
Thermotronics Laboratory
Park, Hyung Gyu, Prof. Dr. Nanoscience for Energy Technology and Sustainability
Poulikakos, Dimos, Prof. Dr. Laboratory of Thermodynamics in Emerging Technologies
Prasser, Horst-Michael, Prof. Dr. Laboratory of Nuclear Energy Systems
Pratsinis, Sotiris E., Prof. Dr. Particle Technology Laboratory
Rösgen, Thomas, Prof. Dr. Institute of Fluid Dynamics
Rudolf von Rohr, Philipp, Prof. Dr. Transport Processes and Reactions Laboratory
Sansavini, Giovanni, Prof. Dr. Laboratory of Reliability and Risk Engineering
Shea, Kristina, Prof. Dr. Engineering Design and Computing Laboratory
Siegwart, Roland Yves, Prof. Dr. Autonomous System Lab
Steinfeld, Aldo, Prof. Dr. Professorship of Renewable Energy Carriers
Stemmer, Andreas, Prof. Dr. Nanotechnology Group
Wegener, Konrad, Prof. Dr. Institute of Machine Tools and Manufacturing
Zeilinger, Melanie, Prof. Dr.
Intelligent Control Systems
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