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The Workshop Training is a compulsory part of the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. You will find all relevant information to the workshop training on this page.

The workshop training aims at providing you practical experience in production of components as well as knowledge and understanding about materials and their machining and finishing. The training duration is for at least five weeks and takes place in a company.

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During the course of the Bachelor program, only a limited timeframe is available for workshop training. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to complete the training before beginning the program or in the period between the 1st and 2nd semester (January - February). The training must be completed, at the latest, before submitting the request for the Bachelor's degree.


The components of the training consist of:

  • At least five weeks spent in a company
  • Activity report (PDF, 206 KB) (the use of this template is obligatory)
  • Confirmation from the training company recognizing completion of the training program

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Recognition, Decree of credit points

Please check the requirements which are listed in the study guide. All training programs which fulfill these requirements will be recognized. Please make special note of the listed techniques as well as the duration of the training.

After successfully completing the training, the Activity report as well as the confirmation from the training company have to be submitted by email or by regular mail to the D-MAVT Student administration.

The Director of studies will finally decide about the recognition of the Workshop Training, passed or failed.


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