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The Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering (D-MAVT) welcomes exchange students from other universities at the ETH Zurich!

The Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering (D-MAVT) is currently the largest of the 16 departments of the ETH Zurich. Over 30 professors work in nine institutes, with an additional three independent professors. The scientists are active over the full spectrum. Ranging from the behavior of nano particles to the manner of function of large machine tools. The research includes processes of the human body and high pressure processes on a micro and macro scale, robots, vehicles, nuclear power plants and wind turbines – and is always at the cutting-edge.

D-MAVT expects exchange students to perform well and have a command of the language of the chosen courses. Only in this way can students make the most of courses which ETH Zurich offer and receive full support from their home university. The normal workload for ETH Zurich students is 30 credit points per semester (1 credit point = 30 study hours). Exchange and visiting students must earn a minimum of 20 credits per semester. Earning credits means passing the examination, not just attending the course. Language courses do not count towards this total and two-thirds of the courses have to be in the course catalogue of the programs in D-MAVT.


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In order to be considered for the exchange program, exchange students must have completed at least two full years at a university with an academic background similar to the students in our program.


ETH Zurich and D-MAVT offer various exchange programs.


How to prepare the course schedule:

  • You choose courses from the course catalogue based on the following criteria: course language, required knowledge, type and timing of the examination (end of semester or session examination)
  • You register for the chosen courses
  • Your course schedule must be approved by D-MAVT

Important information regarding the course catalogue:

  • There are more courses offered during the Fall Semester than during the Spring Semester
  • If the catalogue for a future semester is not published yet, you may assume that the offer will be similar to that of the previous year
  • Most courses for exchange students are offered in the third year of the Bachelor's and in the first year of the Master's Programs
  • Some courses, such as Engineering Tools, Laboratory Practice, Focus Projects and Workshop Training are not available to exchange students due to space limitations
  • Exchange students may also choose courses from other departments or programs. However, two-thirds of the courses (ETCS credits) must be completed at D-MAVT (see courses with the numbers 151-XXXX)
  • Some courses require the successful completion of previous courses

Course language

The course language at Bachelor level is German (only in the fifth and sixt semester are certain courses taught in English). The Master level is taught in English. The course language is noted for each course in the course catalogue. Choose your courses according to the language. D-MAVT requires students to demonstrate of language ability in English or German to level C1.

Realization of a project

In general, exchange students may participate in research projects at ETH Zurich, e.g. Bachelor's Thesis (14 ECTS/credits), Semester Projects (8 ECTS/credits) or Master's Thesis (30 ECTS/credits).

Those who wish to pursue a research project at ETH Zurich are responsible themselves for organizing an appropriate project and a supervisor from an institute or laboratory. A list of projects is published on the homepage of institutes and laboratories. A project application will only be considered if an ETH Zurich supervisor provides confirmation that they will supervise the project. This list of professors at D-MAVT contains all potential institutes and professorships.

Registration and administrative issues

Information on the registration process and deadlines may be found here.

Answers to administrative issues may be found here.


After arriving in Switzerland, the students should contact the D-MAVT student exchange in order to discuss the details of their semester courses.

Before exchange students leave ETH Zurich, they must request a copy of their transcript from the D-MAVT student exchange. The D-MAVT student exchange prepares a performance assessment, in German or English, which outlines the attended courses, the performance results, ECTS credit points awarded, and also gives an explanation of the grading scale. Upon request, a short summary of the course contents will also be included (Diploma Supplement, extract from the ETH course catalogue).

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