Talks & events

12 November 2015, Workshop

Zukunftstag am D-MAVT

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31 May 2016, Other


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Students' information events

14 September 2015, Students' event

Tag der Neueintretenden Bachelor in Maschineningenieurwissenschaften

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14 September 2015, Students' event

Welcome day Master in D-MAVT

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In the media


Vortices of fishes are similar to those of airplanes

Prof. George Haller

Researchers around Prof. Petros Koumoutsakos and Prof. George Haller discovered that vortices generated by fish are similar to those of airplane wings. The air vortex on wings also behave according to the highly complex laws of fluid dynamics. Read more


Good Vibrations

Prof. Chiara Daraio

The research on acoustic lenses in Prof. Chiara Daraio's group has been featured in a new news article. Read more



DanceBot – A robot that dances to your favorite song

Minion DanceBots

As part of Pro Juventutes “Ferienplausch”, 20 children aged between 10 and 14 visited ETH Zurich for a DanceBot workshop. During the project, they soldered, constructed, styled, and programmed the DanceBots with support of Prof. Siegwart’s team and students from ETH Zurich. At the end of the workshop, the robots were dancing and blinking to the children’s favorite songs. NG Read more


ASL's AtlantikSolar UAV breaks world endurance record with 81 hour flight


On Friday, 17 July, the AtlantikSolar team with Philipp Oettershagen, doctoral student in Prof. Roland Siegwart’s team, has broken the world record with his project AtlantikSolar for the longest solar-powered unmanned aerial vehicle flight in its weight category (under 50 kg). Read more


Making it easier to analyse proteins

Tina Hovestadt’s Swissblot shortens the process of analysing proteins. (Photo: ETH Zurich/Andrea Schmits)

Less time, fewer errors and simpler to perform. That is what is promised by this new approach to analysing proteins in the lab. Tina Hovestadt received a Pioneer Fellowship from ETH Zurich for this project. Read more 


6 professors at ETH Zurich appointed

Appointments at ETH Zurich. (Photo: ETH Zurich)

At its meeting of 8/9 July 2015, the ETH Board appointed six professors at ETH Zurich in accordance with the application submitted by ETH Zurich President Lino Guzzella. Read more 


Engineering Week at the ETH Zurich

Injection simulator

During the Engineering Week pupils from “Kantonsschule am Burggraben St. Gallen” designed, programmed and evaluated an injection simulator for spinal anesthesia. The spinal anesthesia is a challenge in the practical work and hard to practice for medical students. In order to provide better practice facilities, the pupils developed a new solution, which simulates the insertion of the needle for spinal anesthesia on a model. Read more


Best Poster and Image Award at the MaP Graduate Symposium 2015

Double-Emulsion von Ivo Leibacher

Ivo Leibacher, Doctoral student in Prof. Jürg Dual’s group, won the first prize for the "Poster" and the second prize for the "Best Image Award" at the Materials and Processes Graduate Symposium 2015. Read more

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