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Talks & events

27 October 2016, Convention (Conference)

Additive Fertigung in der Serienproduktion

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27 October 2016, Forum

CCMX-MaP Technology Aperitif - Soft Interfaces in Industry: Current Challenges and New Directions

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27 October 2016, Talk

Breaking the magic 1000 xxx - Deutsch-Britisches Geschwindigkeits-Fernduell 1939-1947

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4 November 2016, Convention (Conference)

Jahrestagung SAEE

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Students' information events

3 November 2016, Students' event

Info-Veranstaltung Mobilität - Departement Maschinenbau und Verfahrenstechnik

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23 November 2016, Students' event

Meet your lab - Exhibition of the MAVT Master's tutors

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In the media


Electrically powered cars for combating climate change?

Prof. Konstantinos Boulouchos explains how important the CO2 -footprint on the electricity generation mix is when assessing the environmental performance of electric cars. An article in the "Tages Anzeiger". Read more 


Underwater robots "Nanins" for clean water

In the near future, gliding underwater robots like the “Nanins”, designed and developed at the lab of Prof. Roland Siegwart, could go deep underwater to collect water quality data with minimal energy use. The data from onboard sensors enables water pollution to be determined and addressed efficiently. Stefan Bertschi and Raghav Khanna visited India with the Nanins to conduct a workshop on underwater gliding for water quality monitoring. Read more 



Distinguished Lecture Series

Two lectures will take place in October and November 2016. Read more 


Nanopreis of the University in Kiel

Prof. Sotiris E. Pratsinis gave the Diels-Planck-Lecture in the research field “Kiel Nano, Surface and Interface (KiNSIS)” on 6 October 2016 at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität in Kiel, Germany. He received this award for the successful transfer of the latest nano-fundamental research to medical applications. Read more 


Outstanding Bachelor Award - Best Bachelor's degree

In 2016 the following D-MAVT Bachelor students won the Outstanding Bachelor Award - Best Bachelor's degree: Mr. Liebenwein, Mr. Hoffmann, Mr. Duhr, Mr. Crameri, Mr. Wechsler, Mr. Seitz. Read more 


Outstanding Bachelor Award - Best First year examinations

In 2016 the following D-MAVT Bachelor students won the Outstanding Bachelor Award - Best First year examinations: Mr. Spannagl, Mr. Weber, Mr. Leuenberger, Mr. Schnellmann, Mr. Taubner, Mr. Tischhauser. Read more 


A unique competition takes off

The very first Cybathlon in the world took place today. The event was completely sold out: some 4,600 visitors packed into the SWISS Arena Kloten to support the 66 teams from various countries. The pilots pitted their skills in six disciplines and demonstrated most impressively how novel technologies can assist people with disabilities in their daily life. Read more 


Nine professors appointed at ETH Zurich

Upon application of the President of ETH Zurich, Professor Lino Guzzella, at its meeting of 28/29 September 2016 the ETH Board appointed nine professors and took note of the resignation of 3 professors and thanked them for their services. Read more 

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