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31 May 2016, Talk

Invited Talk: Prof. Dongseok Suh - supported by European Graphene Flagship

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31 May 2016, Other


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31 May 2016, Seminar

Frontiers in Energy Research - Integration of energy-economic system modelling and multi-criteria analysis

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31 May 2016, Seminar

MaP "Additive Manufacturing" Lecture Series - Bioinks for Biofabrication

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In the media


Cover page of the "Energy Technology" Journal

Prof. Aldo Steinfeld's team made the cover page of the "Energy Technology" Journal, Volume 4, Issue 5, May 2016. Read more


Robots take over the operating rooms

The Landbote reports about robots, which will take over operations in the near future. Franziska Ullrich and Prof. Bradley Nelsons group developed a microrobot for eye operation, which was described in the article. Read more



Best Poster Award

Kilian Schillai, doctoral student in Prof. Edoardo Mazza’s group and member of the EMPA Laboratory “Mechanical Integrity of Energy Systems”, received a Best Poster Award for his poster “Thermal Treatments for Increased Fretting Fatigue Endurance of Overhead Electrical Conductors” at the CCMX Annual Meeting. Read more


Assistant Professor at TU Delft

Javier Alonso-Mora, a former Master and doctoral student of Prof. Roland Siegwart, was appointed Assistant Professor Tenure Track in Optimization and Control for Autonomous Systems within the Delft Center for Systems and Control, at TU Delft. He will start on 1 October 2016. Read more


New York City Drone Film Festival 2016

The short film “SPARKED: A Live Interaction Between Humans and Quadcopters” developed by Prof. Raffaello D’Andrea’s group in cooperation with Cirque du Soleil and the spin-off Verity Studios has won the New York City Drone Film Festival Award 2016 in the Featuring Drones category. Read more


George Giralt PhD Award 2016

Mark Müller, former doctoral student in Prof. Raffaello D’Andrea’s group, has won the George Giralt PhD Award 2016 for his doctoral thesis "Increased autonomy for quadrocopter systems: trajectory generation, fail-safe strategies, and state estimation". The George Giralt PhD Award is an annual award given by the European Robotics Research Network for the best robotics doctoral thesis in Europe. Read more


The man who builds robotic animals

He develops walking robots that move like living creatures: Marco Hutter is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems and a fellow of the Society in Science. One day his machines might be able to carry out the menial and dangerous work human beings would rather avoid. Read more 


Weg zum CO2-armen Energiesystem

Die Schweizer Energieversorgung steht vor einem Umbruch. Es braucht nicht nur Ersatzkapazitäten beim Strom, wenn die Kernkraftwerke vom Netz gehen. Auch gilt es, die Bereiche Heizen und Verkehr zu elektrifizieren. Wie kann die Schweiz die Lücke schliessen, und wo sollte sie erneuerbaren oder CO2 -armen Strom prioritär einsetzen? Read more 

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