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The research plan is drawn up in consultation with the thesis supervisor. It lays out the goals, the schedule and all the responsibilities of a doctoral student.

The research plan should be structured as follows:

  • Cover page with the title of the thesis, the current date, the name and signature of the doctoral student, the supervisor, and if possible the co-examiner
  • Summary, max. ½ page
  • Scope of the research work, research activities
  • Relevance of the research and its connection with the institute or department
  • Literature
  • Schedule
  • Planned publications
  • Teaching duties
  • Additional duties of the doctoral student

The research plan must be submitted to the D-MAVT Doctoral administration within 12 months of receiving provisional admission to a course of doctoral studies (printed one-sided and not stapled) together with the Approval form signed by the supervisor.

The doctoral committee grants the approval for the research plan.

If there is a delay in submitting the research plan, the doctoral student must apply for an extension of the deadline.

Doctoral students required to take the entrance examination may only submit their research plan after they have fulfilled all the requirements for admission.   

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