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The Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering (D-MAVT) supports its students in pursuing an exchange semester after completing their fifth semester of bachelor studies.

Students who are interested in an exchange semester should review the materials available via the ETH Zurich student exchange, choose an appropriate program and university, complete the application form and adhere to the application deadline. D-MAVT will be happy to support you in your decision process as to the choice of university and in the preparation of your foreign study course plan.

Opportunities for a semester abroad:

  • Participation in an ETH Zurich exchange program
  • Self-organized stays abroad e.g. participation in a research project (Bachelor's or Master's Thesis): The student organizes the exchange together with the thesis supervisor. Although not officially recognized as exchange students, they can receive financial support from ETH Zurich. Already existing research cooperation can be found in the International Knowledge Base (IKB).
  • Complete an Industrial Internship abroad Master students find information on their programs website.
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Bachelor students

After completion of the 5th semester, registration during the 5th semester

Master students

Possible for 1st or 2nd semester in agreement with Tutor


1 semester (30 credit points)


Completion of First year examinations with a minimum average grade of 5.0 (First year examination and block examinations)


For all worldwide exchange programmes: 1 December for the following academic year

Study plan

Course schedule

  1. Prepare a provisional course schedule
  2. Ask responsible professor (Focus coordinator, supervisor of Bachelor's or Master's Thesis, tutor, D-GESS) for approval of the course schedule
  3. Ask student exchange office for approval of the course schedule 

Changes to course schedule

  • Update course schedule before departure
  • Repeat entire course schedule process

D-GESS courses

  • Registration for compulsory GESS courses during exchange must be approved
  • Contact Person: Prof. Dr. Harald Fischer-Tiné
  • Submit following information: Host university, courses and their subject matter, scope and type of assessment/examination, grading system

Study reports

For choosing a host university to attend, it is helpful to read the experiences of previous students.

The exchange reports of former ETH Zurich exchange students are found in the International Knowledge Base (IKB). After registering via your nethz login you may conduct searches according to university location or name. Select the university name and scroll to the bottom to find the respective student exchange reports.


Please inform yourself about the exchange programs before registering on the platform for application.

Financial issues

An application can be made with the scholarship office for financial support of up to two-thirds of the travel allowance. The request should be prepared according to the scholarship office guidelines, and the Director of Studies asked for approval. The form must be presented to the D-MAVT Student administration.

Information about scholarships for exchange programs is given on the different websites.

Furthermore Fondation Zdenek et Michaela Bakala or Heyning-Roelli Foundation grants scholarships to students.


Students who participate in an exchange program offered by ETH Zurich remain matriculated during their absence and continue to pay the ETH Zurich tuition fee. Freemovers who organize an exchange independent of the ETH Zurich can apply for a leave of absence.

After the exchange – credit recognition

Recognition of the completed courses (credit points and grades according to the ETH Zurich grading and credit system), lies entirely with D-MAVT and is based on:

  • the original transcript from the partner university
  • the agreement with the partner university
  • the agreement of the Focus coordinator / MAVT Elective Course lecturer / D-GESS for recognition of the category
  • the Learning Agreement for Master students
  • a comparison of program structure indicating host university course equivalent hours per semester, ECTS per semester and the grading scale
  • experience and previous agreement

The courses will be assigned to the approved category during the application period, in collaboration with the focus coordinator/tutor.

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